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The Learning area

Welcome to the Learning area for the Genesis low-code platform.

This area is aimed at people who already have some development knowledge. Ideally, you should have experience of Java and/or Javascript, but development experience in any object-oriented language is a good starting point.

You can take the slow road or the fast road through this area.

We recommend the slow road, but if you want to whizz through things, be our guest. Check out our recommended routes below.

Either way, you should gain enough knowledge to take your first steps in developing a real application.

Fast track

  • It pays to read the very simple introduction; this introduces you to some terminology and the basic architecture.

  • Get the software you need onto your machine; check out our pre-requisites.

  • Get started straightaway. Build the simplest of applications in just a few careful steps.

Take it slowly

If you want to go more slowly, start right at the beginning and look at the sort of applications that have already been built on the Genesis low-code platform. Then go to our very simple introduction.

From there, just progress through each section so that you build up knowledge of the data model and all the key parts of the platform. There's nothing difficult in these sections.

After you have been through all those, you'll be ready to check the prerequisites and start building a simple application.