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Now that you have completed the Quick Start and are comfortable with the basics, we'll build an advanced application that will demonstrate more of the Genesis platform features.

What you will build

We want to build a real-time positions application, where trades can be entered, and will be aggregated to maintain positions.

The application will make use of the following platform features:

We are going to call this example application positions-app-tutorial. You will see this reflected in the file names throughout.

Create a new project

Using the GenX CLI tool, we want to generate a blank full-stack application project. Go to a folder where you want your project to reside, and run:

npx genx

Follow through the series of questions. For App name enter positions-app-tutorial and for App seed enter Quick Start Application.

If this is the first time you are using the GenX CLI tool, check the Quick Start guide first.


this project is not a direct copy of the positions app but will contain most of it's functionality.